• Lourds Playbill

    “Our show has outrageous, colorful, over-the-top superheroine costumes, but the heart of our show and the video we created is about celebrating the superhero that is already inside of each of us—raw, real, and resilient” — Lourds Lane

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  • TEDWomen Update: Lourds Lane and SuperYou FUNdation

    The Huffington Post: BLOG

    In 2012, Lourds Lane charmed the TEDWomen audience playing her violin and sharing the story of her life from child musical prodigy to adult “superhero” self. Lourds recalled growing up in a small house in Jamaica, Queens, where there was a lot of fighting and screaming. At the age of three, she began playing classical violin and piano. She was regularly playing in front of large audiences before she was seven years old. Music was her salvation.

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    Lourds Lane at TEDxWomen 2012

    Overview: SuperYou FUNdation

  • “Lourds is uncrushable, especially in her mission to help others find their inner superhero”


    This is Mentoring Moment #11 — a series of “you need to know” stories (each told in under two minutes) from successful women of multiple generations. Stories for you to collect and share.

    I see beauty. Last night, I squeeze into cab with my fabulous, new 82 years young friend after she dragged me out of my pajamas to play an impromptu song at the Friar’s Club. My guitar dominated the back seat and I expressed my fear that it would crush her petite body. Her response: ‘Lay it on me, darling. I’m uncrushable.’ #beautyninja. — Lourds Lane on Instagram

    I stared at the word “uncrushable.” That’s how Lourds describes her friend, but reality is that Lourds is uncrushable, especially in her mission to help others find their inner superhero. Lourds is the book, music and lyrics writer of the Broadway-bound musical, “Chix6” – a story about a female comic book artist who learns how to love herself with the help of her own superheroine creations. She’s also the founder and creator of the SuperYou FUNdation, impacting tens of thousands of youth in schools globally by helping them realize “the Superhero is YOU.”

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    “MISFIT” excerpt from Chix 6 featuring creator, Lourds Lane

    Overview of the SuperYou FUNdation